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Was Governor Cyprian Awiti a Mistake?

If you are a member of Homa Bay county and particularly gone to Homa Bay town recently, you will easily notice the prominent street lights.

Standing next to the tarmac, they are the best project the county can showcase to the residents. So proud are the county officials of the lighting project that they baptised it with the name ‘Okonyo welo’ which translates to ‘the help of visitors’. This is because now, if you’re a visitor to Homa Bay town and you happen to arrive at night, the street light will help you see where you’re headed to.

Sadly, that is the closest Homa Bay county residents can get to enjoying the fruits of Devolution. The massive and merciless looting allegedly taking place in the county has disorganised all development plans in the county.
Recently, a politician from the place raised a red flag at the surprising, worrying and increasing numbers of new millionaires in the county.

Most of the projects initiated by the county have been turned into cash cows by individuals within the county. One of the most mentioned of them all is the Agri City project which has turned into a ghost project.

It’s alleged that over 100 million Kenya Shillings has been wasted on flawed tendering proccesses and non existent investors. What would be a source of income and employment to many unemployed youths within the country has turned out to be PR nightmare.

So much rampant is corruption in the county, that the Governor’s name was among the others that were published in the infamous ‘List of Shame’. The county CEO has rather opted to remain silent on the issue than coming out publicly and clearing his name.

Awiti’s style of leadership most certainly has failed in helping him deliver on his promises he made during the campaigns. Sadly, the politics of Luo Nyanza has always been dictated by one party. Once you get the nomination certificate of the party-ODM-you can be sure to clinch the political seat you’re eying. The people normally concentrate on National politics instead of focussing on what really matters to them most: their area leaders.

The members of county assembly from HB have also let the people down. They have resorted to engaging on cheap and petty politics instead of working for the residents. The behaviour isn’t surpring since MCAs are known to be chaotic and shameless individuals countrywide.

The only salvation for the people of Homa Bay county is the 2017 general election. This will come only when they choose to elect a focussed leader who has the interests of the electorates at heart. For now they can only hope that something like a miracle would happen and the money-hungry county officials stop misappropriating the government’s resources.


Governor Cyprian Awiti.


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