Homa Bay County Pundit

Kenya ni Jina, Nchi ina Wenyewe

Democracy dictates that government should be for the people. In kenya however, this ideology has been only an illusion to millions of people.

Many citizens live in abject poverty where it is extremely difficult to even afford the basic neccessities like food. Some of them can only manage to afford one meal a day-which is not always healthy according to nutrition requirements.

In pastoralists communities, deaths resulting from conflicts and banditry are common and normal. Killings are so rampant that they nolonger make headlines. In fact, some broadcasting stations have relegated such acts to ‘in other news’ segment.

Nobody is spared when the killings occur. Not even police officers. At one time, over 20 officers lost their lives on the hands of senseless bandits. The nation was disappointed when the only thing the President could say was to ask for ‘his’ guns that were taken from the slain police officers.

The government has openly displayed to the public that it doesn’t care about the lives of its citizens. Common ‘wananchi’ die without government showing any sign of concern. If it does, its normally too little, too late.

When rich and corrupt individuals are mentioned in scandals or commit crimes, they are summoned to the police stations. The same is not administered to the low class individuals. They are always arrested and even tortured during questioning.

In countries where people respect the rule of law and value integrity, one would easily resign the moment his name comes up in a corruption scandal. Back home, we always device means through which we can keep holding on to power. The powerful officials would call press conferences and proudly say that they have ‘stepped aside’. How sad!

The gap between the rich and the poor keeps on widening. The government though, has always been convinced that it can bridge it.

Devolution has been hailed for bringing resources to the people. It’s a noble system of governance but the emerging problem with it is that corruption was devolved too. Many projects have stopped in some counties as a result of misappropriation of funds.

Visionary leadership is missing too. Once elected, the politicians switch their focus to how they can get back the money they used during campaigns. Recently, the governors rejected the medical equipment they were provided with by the national government. The main reason according to them, was that they were not consulted and that they didn’t know how the tendering process was done.

The opposition too has failed integrity test and therefore lacks moral authority to criticise the government. It makes no sense that Raila is too quick to tell the government to demolish Weston Hotel because it’s alleged to have been built on a grabbed land, while there are still questions on how he handled the Kazi Kwa Vijana-KKV-initiative funds and on acquisition and ownership of the Kisumu Mollases plant.

The bottomline therefore is, nobody cares about the poor citizens of this nation. The politicians are only comfortable when they are always in constant need and begging them. Look at the chaos in Kibera and you will understand this.



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