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Babu Warns HELB.

The most vocal and controversial Student leader in East Africa has issued a fierce warning to the Higher Education Loans Board once again.

In a statement posted on facebook page : New Comrades Forum, the SONU President gave the board 4 days after which, there shall be demonstrations if they fail to disburse the funds.

“Will be traveling back from Mombasa by tomorrow morning then head straight to Helb offices to find out the issue of comrades Helb.will also present the university calendar to the CEO Helb.If Helb shall have not been disbursed by next week,then we shall DEMONSTRATE.A comrade shall never beg.” Said Mr Babu Owino.

His sentiments were echoed by the Director Academics of the same Union Miss Angel Mbuthia who said the time is up for the HELB. “Now doing our CATS and still no HELB…Ringera is a serious Joker but now the Clock is ticking…” Lamented Miss Mbuthia

Moi university Academics Director, Mr Edwin Gogo on the other hand dismissed the move by HELB to introduce cards that will be used by beneficiaries as oppressive. “The move by Helb to introduce Helb cards will be opposed with strongest terms possible..you cannot give someone aloan and dictate how he/she should use the loan.” Read part of his statement.

Meanwhile comrades continue to suffer due to lack of money from the Loaning board. A look at the New Comrades Forum facebook page reveals the extreme agony the students are undergoing. One student lamented how he is tired of drinking water and sleeping because of lack of money. One thing that is clear, is that comrades are eating like chicken.

When contacted, the board only called for patience from the students while they sort out the issues of disbursement.

However,the national budget has been read and allocations made to the various ministries so it is unclear why they haven’t disbursed the money to students’ accounts.

Sometime last year, the students had to demonstrate in order to compel HELB to release their money.


SONU President Mr. Babu Owino.


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