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It is always shameful that every time the counties or the governors are ranked the great Homa Bay County always battles with other ‘small’ counties for the last 7 positions.

The ratings are always discouraging especially for those who have some proffessional knowledge on Public Relations or Marketing. These two management tools have always worked miracles for those who believe in them.

Machakos County might not be doing something better than HBC when it comes to development projects. The magic that works for them is PR. Governor Alfred Mutua is trained Journalist and has therefore invested heavily on publicity.

That is the difference between him and maybe Evans Kidero of Nairobi City County.

It is expected that Governor Cyprian Awiti, upto now, has at least done or initiated a development project.  The problem has therefore been, most county residents have not been made aware of such projects. In fact, majority of the residents don’t actually know which projects have been done and where they have been done.

The tragedy lies in the office of the County Director of Communications. From the look of things, Homa Bay county doesn’t have someone holding that position or such position doesn’t exist at all in HBC government. If in case there is somebody holding that position, then he/she aught to have been fired yesterday.

It is very clear that whoever s/he is, s/he doesn’t understand her/his roles. The Marketing officer or whoever is in charge of marketing should also suffer the same fate. How many times shall the name of Gov Awiti be soiled without those responsible taking appropriate measures to counter the negative publicity?

The main focus of the county government is to ensure that the residents of the county are always kept in the know about whatever activity the county is planning to or has rolled out.

This is only possible and can be acheived thorough carrying out awareness campaigns through the county. That is a responsibility the Director of Communications should always do.


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