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The Students’ Electoral Commission (SEC) conducted the first Kamkunji today outside the students’ centre peacefully without any incident of chaos.

The rally, which was to start at 2pm as communicated delayed because of late arrival of aspirants and fears that the turn out could be low. By 3pm, only a handfull of comrades gathered outside the students’ centre.
Asked why there was such low numbers, one student Josh who takes Political Science and Administration said that most students have not arrived and some, especially the ladies, due to fear that chaos might erupt again, decided not to attend due to obvious reasons.

Confusion reigned at the beginning of the Kamkunji as the Publicity Chairman Mr Chris Pilot had to call aspirants again to the podium to address the gathering because some of them were not present when their dockets were called out. This contibuted to unnecessary time wasting and repetion which made a section of the crowd angry thereby resorting to throwing papers rolled into a shape of a ball at the aspirants.

The weather too, affected the event as it was stopped for about 10 minutes because it was raining. Comrades however refused to be put down by the rain as supporters of various candidates braved the rains and danced and sang defying Chris’ order that required them to relocate to inside Studie.

Things however began falling into place after the rain subsided as the rally became more interesting and charged with songs and chants of Comrades Power! The noise disappointingly could not allow majority of the people to get what the aspirants were saying.

As a tradition, such events are always characterised with pomp and glamour and today was not different. Elvis Langas arrived in style escorted by his followers mainly from his community and uncountable bodaboda riders. Don Owino arrived later with his supporters riding on a trademark tractor which has been a common means of transport for aspirants vying for chairperson’s seat from his community. Little was however noted from Mogire though a handful of supporters were seen jumping and shouting his name from the crowd.

The silent message that was being communicated from the way the aspirants arrived is that there are coalitions with Don and Langas heading both sides. The truth of the matter-which is rather unfortunate-is that it has taken a national politics’ dimension. Yes, CORD and Jubilee. This therefore will have an impact on the type of leaders that will be chosen as students’ voting pattern will be influenced by their tribe and coalition.

Another serious area of concern is that there might be low voter turnout. Most students who went home after the closure of the campus are yet to come back. Some even expressed fears that they might choose to remain at home till after elections because of fear of chaos. Majority however are expected to be in campus before the election date which is on Friday 24th, this week.

Calls for peace were also exhibited during the Kamkunji and an incident that made people laugh was when one aspirant who is now among the confirmed members of incoming SGC-Entertainment and Communication docket- added Otieno to his name although he is Kibet. The trend was repeated by a section of SEC members too.

The Kamkunji finally ended with aspirants going for the docket of Chairperson being called out to the podium where they were lined infront of the onlookers as each of them addressed comraded. As mentioned earlier, the battle is between Mr. Elvis Langas and Mr. Don Owino with each enjoying massive support from members of their ethnic affiliations. Mogire however cannot be ruled out of the race yet eventhough his chances of clinching the much coveted docket are very slim.

Comrades are again reminded of the need and importance of mainting peace throughout the elections. A billboard by the Peace Unit Program at the Student Centre always read, ‘A mind free to choose will always choose peace….F. Roosevelt.’


A section of the crowd that attended the Kamkunji.


Students at the Kamkunji.



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