Homa Bay County Pundit

Governor Cyprian Awiti Changing Homa Bay County.

Since elections, only a few counties have changed positively. In fact, wananchi from some counties have started complaining that they don’t feel any impact of devolution. Some political commentators who are anti-devolution have said that the new system of governance has only fuelled corruption at grassroot level.

In Homa Bay County, the narrative is different as people from this lakeside county are happy and in support of what their governor is doing. Since the elections, majority of the people have witnessed massive development projects, some of which have been completed and helping people.

Take for example the lighting project- ‘okonyo welo’ or ‘help for the visitors’ which was done within Homa Bay town and its outskirts.
Businesses within the town today operate 24hrs making the town among the few which operate round the clock. As a matter of fact, in western Kenya, it’s only Homa Bay and Kisii town that operate under 24 hour economy.
John, a boda boda operator and a resident of Homa Bay town is very pleased with the project and says that it has reduced the level of crminal acts which took place at night rapidly. “We are nolonger worried of our security at night because there is light everywhere. The police have also intensified their patrols and therefore we feel safer than before” he says.

Roads have also been tarmacked with the latest being Kendu Bay-Oyugis road. This has opened up the interior parts of the county hence making movement of people and goods easy. A farmer in Kobuya today, is not worried about how fast he’ll reach Kendu Bay in order to sell his fresh produce as the road network has been improved.

Real estate industry is also growing at a faster pace in Homa Bay county. New and modern buildings are coming up daily as the demand for offices and houses also keeps rising.

The CBD has also undergone a major face-lift as the county government funded the construction of a better bus station. A plan is also underway to build a modern market for the business operators within the town.

If one therefore conducts a simple poll and ask how the residents feel about the county government under the leadership of Cyprian Awiti, 98% of the respondents will say they are satisfied with how the cointy is run and would even suggest that the governor be elected for another term.


Photo: Sonyanco plaza in Homa Bay town


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