Homa Bay County Pundit


Most Homa Bay county residents will confirm that when it comes to philanthropy, nobody does it like Sam Wakiaga. He is a man on a mission to help the needy and his way of doing it is unmarched.

When news that a major whirlwind hit Kochia reached him, he definitely showed up and in a very extraordinary way decided to help those who were most affected and the most needy.

He offered to cater for the full cost of rebuilding the houses that were hit by the ‘tornado’. A spot-check through the areas that were affected revealed that construction had already begun and very soon, everything will be back to normal.

Wakiaga’s help will most certainly boost his political life as he is rumoured to be having ambitions of challenging the current area governor Hon. Cyprian Awiti.

Little help however, has come from the county government. Governor Cyprian Awiti was only reported to have said that he will pay the victims a visit-which has not happened so far. Yesterday he didn’t show up at a meeting that was to take place at Tala despite keeping the area chief and assistant chief waiting for more than 3 hours.

The county women rep Hon Gladys Wanga offered the victims of the disaster blankets and 3kgs of rice and beans and promised more support. The Red Cross has also offered important support as well.


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